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Some times it can be quite useful to segment your visitors by examining which pages they are looking at. For instance you can define different visitor segments like "PotentialCustomer", "ExistingCustomer","PotentialEmployee", "Press", etc and qualify them. For instance a potential customer would be browsing your product pages and your references, an existing customer might be looking for support, potential employees browsing the "About us" and "Job Posting" sections and the press might be looking at your press releases.
This role allows you to assign scores to visitors and act on them.
1) Define one or more properties in the <profile> in web.config to hold the counts - like this:
<profile ...>
   <add name="PotentialCustomerr" type="System.Int32"/>

2) Create Dynamic and/or PageType properties with the same name, of the type "Integer".
3) In Edit mode start assigning values to pages in the properties. If you use DynamicProperties you can inherit the values down through the tree (e.g. let all products have a score of 10 to the PotentialCustomer counter).
4) Define virtual roles as you see below
5) Insert targeted content strategic places on the web site for each role you have defined.
6) If needed you can let custom actions assign scores as well - just work with the properties using EPiServerProfile.Current"countername".

  • scorename. Name of score counter to work with.
  • min. Minimum value to be in the role.
  • max. Maximum value to be in the role.

Here is how you would register it in <virtualRoles> in web.config:
<add name="PotentialCustomerRole" type="EPiServer.Research.VirtualRoles.ScoreRole,VirtualRolesSamplePack" scorename="PotentialCustomer" min="50"/>

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