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Project Description
Virtual Roles is a powerful tool in order to make a personalized web site.
This is a collection of Virtual Roles that helps you customize your web site to your visitors - and it even contains Dynamic Content that can only be seen by select roles.

The Virtual Roles MegaPack is a collection of virtual roles and utilities you can use in your EPiServer CMS for personalizing the content for the individual visitors.
  • RemoteFilterRole. Filter on the remote IP, Host, User Agent or Referer to ensure the visitor is in the role
  • TimedRole. Set up specific daily time spans in which the visitor is in the role. Ideal for determining if the visit is business or consumer related
  • RandomRole.Based on a percentage, it randomly determines if the visitor is in the role. Ideal for banners.
  • FirstTimeVisitorRole. The visitor is only in this role the first time he visits the web site. This is when you want to show him the big red signup button!
  • NotInRole. A boolean inspired role, that will simply make sure the visitor is in this role, whenever he is not in another specified role.
  • MultiRole. Can be used to ensure that only visitors that belong to multiple other roles (virtual or not) will be in this role.
  • PageViewRole. Ensures that only visitors that have visited all pages on a certain list in the current session is in the role.
  • ProfileMatchRole. Only logged in users where a specified property in their profile match a specified value will be in the role.
  • ScoreRole. Allow different pageviews and actions to assign a score to the visitor and use this role identify people with a certain minimum score. Great for visitor segmentation.
  • RoleBasedContents. A Dynamic Content Element that lets you show certain content to certain roles. Ideal for customizing elements on every webpage.

Installation Instructions
Basic xcopy deployment. Just copy the assembly to the bin folder and you can start using the virtual roles, after you configure them in web.config. See configuration examples for each role above.

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